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Question: I’m a subscriber, but the website is not recognizing my email address. What’s wrong?

Answer: If you have purchased the Journal of Wildlife Photography before September 1, 2019, that means you subscribed to our old website and your email will not be recognized on this website. To get access to past Journal issues, please search your email for your original purchased confirmation.

Question: Do you have a free journal that I can read?

Answer: Yes. You can download an article called “Master Your Auto Focus”. It’s an artical that was pulled from the pages of the “Spring 2018” issue. You can get it here:

Question: Is the Journal a digital or physical publication?

Answer: 105 million trees are cut down around the world each year to supply Americans with books and magazines. We decided to keep this publication digital so as to not be part of that problem. Plus it allows us to take a multimedia approach with the addition of videos as well.

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