Simon d’Entremont – 10 Photo Challenge 2023 Winners

Below are the winners of the 2023 10-Photo Challenge. This contest was hosted by Simon d’Entremont for the students of Wildlife Photography Essentials.

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Clean Background

“Look Back” by: Christine Bisaha

Tight Portrait
“Rainbow Talk” by: Elaine Paul
Small in the Frame
“Life in the Swamp” by: Angie Precure
Bad Weather Shot
“Sitting in the Fog on the Bay” by: Dale Kelly
Freeze the Action
“Cross Fox Mid-air” by: Eric Knepper
Bird in Flight
“Brown Pelican Over Golden Gate” by: William Felch
Break the Rules
“Painted Bunting in Flight” by: Rebecca Louise
Natural Behavior
“A Mothers Care” by: James Punteney
“Green Heron in Morning Sunlight” by: Danielle S
Namesake Feature
“Gotcha” by: Sandta Mitchell

Meet The Judges

Simon d’Entremont

Ever since I was a youngster, I’ve been interested in wildlife and nature, and curious about the world in which we live. My personal interest in the natural world, wildlife, astronomy, and science always kept me looking around me at the wonders of the universe and our natural environment. From our enormous Milky Way galaxy to the smallest bird, I’ve marveled at its natural beauty.

With the advent of the digital camera came a way to capture this beauty, and the adventure of capturing it became a way to explore my beautiful home province of Nova Scotia. Whether by staying up late to watch the constellations rise one by one over the horizon while I capture the Milky Way, hiking kilometers to see a waterfall, or by getting up before the break of dawn to watch birds feeding their young…mysteries abound all around us, and capturing their beauty for my own enjoyment and for others to enjoy is a pleasure for me.

What started as a hobby is now a professional career, one that I enjoy every day. I’ve recently started shooting more video, and as such started a YouTube Channel to host my videos. I hope you’ll go there and have a look.

Bill Maynard

My passion for photography began in the late 1970’s with an old Minolta camera and a fixed 50mm lens which I carried with me in to the wilds of Northern Ontario in Canada where I grew up. In those early days it was mostly landscapes that caught my eye. Fast forward through the years and my passion has turned to wildlife photography. I now live in Eastern, Ontario, Canada and am equally blessed to be surrounded by nature right out my back door.

The passing of time has provided me with the opportunity to reflect on my work and gain a new perspective. One with more purpose, in which I hope will both inform and create an emotional connection between the viewer and wildlife. The purpose being to unite us all in the preservation of wildlife and their habitats for generations to come.

Therein lies the new challenge for me as a wildlife photographer, to create powerful stories rather than stand alone images and so my new journey begins.