For wildlife photographers with limited time and budget, seeking an affordable alternative to high-cost workshops.
Ever Dream About Going On A Wildlife Expedition But Don’t have the time or budget?
Join Michelle Valberg as she takes you behind the scenes on a wildlife expedition and adventure of a lifetime….
Sound on!

If you’ve ever dreamed about joining a wildlife workshop or expedition but find yourself pressed for time…

If the idea of shelling out thousands of dollars for advice seems unreasonable to you…

If you believe that learning from top-notch wildlife photographers could significantly enhance your skills, but the high costs are a barrier for you…

Then this message is for you.

Here’s why…

You can now join renowned wildlife photographer Michelle Valberg and esteemed filmmaker Joel Haslam on a wildlife expedition from the comfort of your home.  

Together, they will take you on a behind-the-scenes, storytelling, and learning adventure like none other.

Let’s face it; only a small portion of wildlife photographers will likely have the opportunity to actually experience an in-person trip like this.

So we’ve got an answer for you…

Here’s the story: 
From: Michelle Valberg

Creator of “Wildlife Photography Adventures with Michelle Valberg”

If you want to know what it’s like to photograph in rugged and unpredictable places like the wilderness of British Columbia to the calm and relaxing lake right in my backyard without leaving your home… then this can be one of the most important letters you will read. 

Here’s why:

We’ll share with you a lifetime of learning and show you the methods, techniques, and creativity that I used to capture some of the most recognizable photographs in Canada.

That’s certainly a bold statement, but we’ve created an online training that brings you along on a virtual photographic adventure traveling to four magnificent wildlife locations.

You’ll experience fleeting but breathtaking encounters with the elusive coastal wolves, their pups, and other creatures on Vancouver Island.

You’ll learn how changing tides and the summer solstice provide a wide window of opportunity for shooting. 

You’ll see moments and images from my recent trip to the Great Bear Rainforest, along with an in-depth technical tutorial to help ensure you capture your most unforgettable photos.

Joel and I will discuss how to pack for a travel adventure like this. 

I’ll discuss equipment choices, including some of the newest and most technologically advanced cameras and lenses, and how I think about what to pack for my travel adventures.  

  • You’ll learn how to transform your images using foregrounds, backgrounds, leading lines, patterns, and textures.
  • How to add creativity to your images by varying shutter speeds to freeze the action or create intentional motion blur.
  • We’ll explore light, exposure and how to use ISO, shutter and aperture settings to capture emotion and mood in your photographs.
  • I will also share insights on auto-ISO vs. manual settings to help you hone in on your skills.
  • You’ll learn how to work in low light, and how to shoot and protect your gear in challenging weather.
  • Learn the elements of composition such as cropping, framing, and shooting horizontal vs vertical.

We’ll discuss animal behavior and how to use their behavior to create emotional impact with images that tell a story.

We’ll take you to incredible places in the wild and perhaps the most personal for me, is the time we spent on the lake at my Ontario, Canada cottage.

You’ll see me at first light, on the water in my kayak with the loons, otters, and other wildlife.

You’ll see how these exquisite creatures inspire me to be my best.

These experiences will serve as a reminder that your most powerful photographs are often captured in your own backyard.

After nearly four decades in the field, my heart still races with excitement every time I encounter wildlife.

I’ve encountered a lot of interest from people wanting to join me on a photographic adventure, however, the high costs and significant time commitment make it challenging for many to participate.

So I had a thought.

“What if I hired a professional videographer and storyteller to join me and document every detail from the perspective of one of my guests?”

“What if I could take them behind the scenes and guide them through exactly what was going through my mind, and how I went about capturing photographs that I have been lucky enough to have hanging in museums and on magazine covers?”

“And what if after just a few hours of their time, they got to actually experience what it would be like to join me firsthand in the field… but they only had to invest a tiny fraction of the time and cost?”

That’s why, for the first time in 35 years, I’ve decided to team up with the Journal of Wildlife Photography, and award-winning storyteller, videographer and producer, Joel Haslam to bring you…

“Wildlife Photography Adventures with Michelle Valberg”

This exclusive course, brought to you by the highly regarded Journal of Wildlife Photography, promises an extraordinary exploration of the art form.

Renowned wildlife photographer Michelle Valberg has partnered with filmmaker Joel Haslam.  Together they take us on a storytelling and learning adventure.

Michelle has won numerous international photography awards, and her work has graced stamps, coins, and countless magazine covers with images like “The Boss” shown below.

Among her most prestigious honors, Michelle is a recipient of the Order of Canada, the highest honor for a Canadian civilian. 

Michelle’s images have been featured on the covers of countless magazines, and she won gold internationally for Canada. 

We’re excited to take you behind the scenes to experience Michelle’s ups and downs to help make you the best photographer you can be. 

Here is what you will get when you join today:
It Worked For These People, And It Will Work For You

“I wanted to forward this to thank you for a great trip!  I’d recommend you to anyone (as you can read..).  Perhaps I’ll manage to travel with you again – I hope to live long and healthy enough to see so much more of the world and meet more of the exceptional people who make adventure travel such a pleasure!  All the best ”
– Dennis Mullen

“Michelle approaches her tours and guidance the same way she approaches her photography, with passion, care, and an appreciation of the subject. For someone with her talents to be so generous with sharing her knowledge is amazing, and watching her work is inspiring. I’ve had the privilege of doing two tours with Michelle and they won’t be the last.”  -Eli 

“Michelle offers an atmosphere of respect, confidence building, trust in our quests to become better photographers, and with much humor, caring, and lots of laughter! I feel grateful and privileged to have had the opportunity to learn from Michelle.” – Susan

Act Immediately And Receive The Following Bonuses

Chilko Lake Bear Camp Workshop

On June 1st, 2024, the Journal of Wildlife Photography will begin a photo contest for all students of this course.

Michelle Valberg, Bill Maynard, and a panel of judges will select one student who will win a workshop with Michelle Valberg & Tamara Lackey in Chilko Lake Bear Camp on September 6-11, 2024.

Total Value: $7,995
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Total Value: $1,000’s

Mastermind Group
Join our “course member-only” in an exclusive private online community.
Share your photos. Get feedback. Stay inspired.
Interact with Michelle and get personalized feedback when she’s in the group.
You will have free lifetime membership to this group.

Total Value: $360/year

Live Q&A with Michelle Valberg

Join Michelle Valberg during our special one-hour live Q&A session.

This exclusive event offers a rare chance to connect directly with Michelle and your questions about wildlife photography techniques, storytelling through visuals, and the course.

Total Value: $500
Live Image Critique
Join Michelle as she takes the top ten images from the photo contest and gives an in-depth photo critique one by one.
Total Value: $750

It’s Decision Time

You have a choice to make: 

Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing and never get the chance to experience an expedition for yourself).

You know where that will lead. 

Is that really where you want to go? 


Take a new action, and go on a virtual expedition combined with instruction from a professional wildlife photographer to help you develop your own style and create images that stand out.

Which do you really want for yourself? 

Here’s what to do now… just click the button below, insert your information in our secure form and you will get instant access to “Wildlife Photography Adventures with Michelle Valberg”

“Michelle and Joel brought wildlife photography and expeditions into my home where I could fully immerse myself in the stories and experiences. The videos provided me with a sense of being on the expedition as I could feel the anticipation and excitement in their voices as the sometimes elusive wildlife appeared and the amazing scenes unfolded in front of their eyes. I learned about how to better capture the emotion and precious moments by leveraging my camera’s full capability. I could also understand how the same concepts apply to my art in terms of composition, and the use of background, light, and lines. I look forward to more in-person and on-line adventures with Michelle and experiencing wildlife through her lens. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their wildlife photography!” – Diane G.

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Here is Everything that you get When you join TODAY!

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* DISCLAIMER: Your results will most certainly vary from person to person. Our best efforts, time, energy and experiences have been used in preparing this information, but, as you are surely aware, your results cannot be guaranteed. The fact is – as with any educational product of this type – you actually have to do the work and apply the techniques in this training to get your desired results. This training in no way promises that you will win photo contests, have your photo’s publish or win awards. Any testimonials are for information purposes and should not be considered “typical” results or even true results as they have not been verified in any way (other than our students sent them to us). We have no statistical data to support “actual” results from any user and strongly suspect that, unfortunately, most people who buy ANY information product online probably don’t do much, if anything, with any of the products they buy. Hopefully you’ll be different and actually take action on what we teach you here.
* We wanted to give you a heads up that we can’t offer refunds for anyone who consumes 10 or more modules. By this time, you should know if the course is for you or not. We hope you understand our policy and know that we’re always here to provide exceptional service and support. Your satisfaction means a lot to us!
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