“How to use light to create artistic Masterpieces that evoke emotion and tell your subject’s story…
…Even if you are a beginner and are just learning about light”
“Amateurs worry about equipment, professionals worry about money, masters worry about light.” – Vernon Trent
From: Jared Lloyd
Author, “Mastering Light: The Essence of Wildlife Photography”
Howdy Folks,
Over the last decade, I have led hundreds of wildlife photography workshops all over the world for every level of photographer imaginable. And during this time, I learned one very important lesson: most people think that becoming technically perfect with their camera is going to make them a better photographer.
Of all the myths, of all the misconceptions, of all the maddingly frustrating untruths that I watch people cling to, it is this, above all else, that holds back 99% of photographers from their true potential.
Over and over, I watched and listened as participants put their hearts and souls into the things that mattered the least when it comes to getting better at this. All the emphasis was on the camera. All the emphasis was on things like noise and autofocus.
And you know what? This makes sense.
The internet is full of people making claims that this is what makes a photographer great. We all read the same headlines. We see the same marketing.
But being able to create sharp photographs, with minimal noise, and with proper exposure means only one single thing: you can walk up to the starting line.
That’s it!
The ability to take sharp clean photographs is the equivalent of learning how to hold and use a paintbrush.
Let’s be real here. Just because you have learned the difference between a fan and filbert brush doesn’t mean you are going to paint like Michelangelo. It doesn’t mean you can paint at all. It just means you are now ready to step up to a blank canvas.
Photography is the same way. And while knowing how to create sharp photographs is important on some level, and I have written countless articles on this topic myself, it only means you have some level of competency in using the tool in your hand. It is not going to make you a better photographer.
Everyone talks about camera settings and autofocus because that’s the easy stuff to talk about. But if you want to actually become a better photographer, a better artist, mastering the use of natural light is the first step.
And lucky for you, this book will show you exactly how to use light like the pro’s.

Mastering Light

The Essence of Wildlife Photography

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