Transform Your Bird Photography and Achieve Stunning Results with Personalized One-On-One Coaching

Feeling stuck with your bird photography?

Elevate your bird photographs with my customizable one-on-one coaching, designed to unlock your true potential. Let’s delve into all aspects of this captivating art form, from mastering post-processing to conquering fieldcraft challenges and choosing the perfect gear.


Effortlessly process your photos: No more confusing layers or enigmatic workflows. Learn from my 10+ years of experience to refine and enhance your processing skills with step-by-step guidance.

Making smart gear decisions: Don’t guess! Leverage my experience with all major brands to find the ideal camera, lens, and accessories – save money while investing in what truly captures your vision.

Becoming a fieldcraft maestro: Capture those breathtaking bird moments. 

My deep understanding of species, habitats, and behaviors will help you anticipate and nail the perfect shot.

Here's what some of Isaac's students have to say about working with him:

“I have worked with Isaac for more than 7 years now and I feel that I have grown tremendously as a photographer. I am confident that I will continue to do so as well. As an avid baseball fan, I am well aware of the value of coaching. There are batting coaches, hitting coaches, strength and conditioning trainers, bench coaches, managers, and on and on. If the best athletes in the world all need coaching then of course photographers will benefit from coaching as well. I have tried YouTube and spent countless hours watching videos. Although there is a ton of information there, what you won’t get is detailed feedback, a personalized plan and subtle recommendations about colors and tone and contrast. You won’t get your questions answered and suggestions backed by years of experience to help with exactly what your goals are. In Florida, it is very easy to get stuck with your photography. There are so many birds and many that are tame that you can lose focus on producing high-quality photos, Isaac always helps with this and gives pointers on improving the photos. I give Isaac my absolute highest recommendation and am confident that he will be able to help anyone in the same way that he has helped me.” – Juan Tolentino

Juan Tolentino Before

Juan Tolentino After

“My wife is a passionate birder and I transitioned from landscape photography to bird photography. It is one thing to see a bird or even to take a documentation photo of a bird. It is quite another to take a really beautiful photo of one. There are so many birds in so many habitats that it can be quite overwhelming to even know where to begin. With Isaac’s patience, encouragement and help I have been successful in creating beautiful photos of many of my local species as well as when traveling. It is invaluable to work with some with intimate knowledge of the birds and how to approach them without scaring them, with when is the best time of the year to photograph them, what their tendencies are, and how to work with you to successfully photograph them. He will tailor his coaching to the type of photographer that you are now and to what you want to become. Isaac will help develop your strengths as a photographer and overcome your limitations.” – Krishna Prasad

Krishna Prasad Before

Krishna Prasad After

Here’s your personalized roadmap to success…

  • Tailored sessions: Focus on your specific goals and challenges, whether it’s mastering composition, capturing birds in flight, or creating stunning bird portraits. 
  • In-depth critiques: Gain valuable insights into your work. We’ll analyze composition, technical aspects, and fieldcraft choices to improve future shots.
  • Expert processing guidance: Unlock the power of Adobe software. Learn efficient workflows, masking techniques, and creative adjustments to make your images sing.
  • Gear advice you can trust: Stop the research overwhelm! Get informed recommendations based on your specific needs and budget.
  • Convenient online sessions: Learn from the comfort of your home via Zoom or Google Meet.

Don’t wait to take your bird photography to new heights! Invest in personalized coaching and witness the transformation.

“I started bird photography, in earnest, in 2022.  While I made steady progress over that first year, I really hit my stride when I started working with Isaac in 2023.  Beyond reinforcing good fundamentals, Isaac helps you open your artistic eye and elevate your standards.  He’s really helped me understand what exemplary bird photos look like and how to capture them—with an emphasis on getting it right in the field and then really making things shine in post-processing.”Isaac R

Isaac R Before

Isaac R After