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If you are struggling to get your photographs to look like the ones you see in magazines…if your photos just don’t have the “WOW” factor that you see from award-winning wildlife photographers or even the ones you admire on social media…if you can’t seem to portray the mood you were going for…

…then there’s a good chance that you aren’t using light properly and “Mastering Light: The Essense of Wildlife Photography” is exacrlty what you need.

Here’s why:

Understanding the nuances of light in all of its many forms is paramount when it comes to wildlife photography.

This book, standing as the only of its kind, dives headfirst into what is unarguably the most important aspect of photography.

This book is everything you have ever wanted to know about light and how to exploit it in order to take your wildlife photography to the next level.

With detailed discussions on each of the primary types of light, how they apply to wildlife photography, and even how they apply to specific species of wildlife, no other book of this nature has ever been written.

Packed full of examples, the stories behind them, and detailed exposure information, this ebook was written for every level of wildlife photographer looking to go beyond taking snapshots and begin creating works of art.

Here’s some of what is covered in this one-of-a-kind eBook!
  • How to use frontal lighting to emphasize color, consider frontal lighting.
  • How to use side lighting to capture depth, dimension, and detail in your subject.
  • How to use overcast lighting to bring your subjects to life even without contrast.
  • How to use back lighting to create drama and jaw-dropping silhouettes.
  • How we use light to create emotion and bring our subjects to life on a one-dimensional canvas.
  • How shadows are perceived as solid objects in a photograph and why you are holding yourself back by not composing with them.
  • The right way to use light when we want to emphasize and saturate color naturally.
  • How depth, dimension, and detail has nothing to do with your camera settings, how expensive your lens is, or how “sharp” a subject is.
  • How to use light to show detail.
  • How to control the perception of distracting elements in our photographs with natural light.
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As a working wildlife photographer, I routinely use ISO settings of 20,000 and higher.

In this eBook, I will show you exactly how I do this AND create images with little noise right in the field.

*This guide could easily save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of planning.
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